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we estimate

We select test types specifically designed for your needs. Without  additional fee, we work with you to evaluate the project, create a plan, and determine an estimate. During this process we provide you with the number of hours needed to ensure the best quality of your product, but ultimately you choose how much you prefer. 


we track

Our processes ensure that your application is covered in the most efficient way, which will result in finding defects. To find them we use all available methods and individual solutions that will be included in test plans. At this stage, in accordance with the estimation, we adjust the scope of tests, choosing an appropriate methodology to the time and stage of the project, such as test automation, preparation of games for certification or introduction of analytical tools.

we deliver

The defects found will be reported in the bugtracker chosen by you. Additionally, at the end of each test unit, we will provide a report on the scope of activities performed by our team. You can rest assured that while part of our team is spending time on the bughunt, others are contacting your developers regarding the reported bugs. We offer full reproduction support and our response time will never exceed 24 hours. 


you eliminate

At this stage we leave the work in the hands of your developers. Of course, once the bugs are fixed, any tickets we submit will be retested to ensure the best quality of your product.


We can handle the quality assurance process entirely or collaborate with your internal QA department.

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