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You choose the completion date and the number of hours we will spend on your project. You don't have to worry about searching, hiring and introducing your employees to the tedious process of learning complicated methodologies. Our experienced team can either lead the entire QA process for you on their own, or work with your staff as a back-up. Our help is also a great solution at times of increased testing demand, e.g. before game release or reaching further milestones.

Manual tests

We offer a wide range of manual tests in the area of verification of mechanics, functionality, game balance, general gameplay design and compliance of content with documentation you possess. Additionally, after fixing each defect, we provide full retests and regression testing according to the set milestones. We work on all platforms and on any engine. We have experience in working in the Scrum technique based on agile methodologies in accordance with the Agile manifesto.


Tests automation

We cover games with tests that go beyond the manual aspect. From small things that help testers to speed up their work, through unit tests, to complex bots. There are places in the QA process where a machine performs better than a human, like repetitive tasks or image analysis. For this reason, we create tests that verify the code of your programmers. We are able to do it both ways:
- blackbox (covering elements of the game that are repetitive or require a huge amount of time to test)

- whitebox ( where we do code analysis, create unit tests, use APIs or test performance)



We create game analytics systems that offer much more than just monetization. Thanks to our solutions you will know the quality of the game, the level of balance, the heat of the map and also the places where risk of abandoning the game by players occurs.  We collect statistics all the time, according to which we are able to advise your team which spots require additional polishing. Moreover, after the cooperation ends, all the solutions we offer will still be at your disposal.

game balance

With the help of our proprietary analytical tools, we will be happy to support your designers with data and advice on how to implement game balance. It's worth remembering that the quality of gameplay depends not only on the code, but also on design solutions themselves. Remember, numbers don't lie, and we will easily extract them from the game and present them to your team.



We offer pre-certification testing, assessing the current state of the game and checking for compliance in accordance with certification requirements for any platform of your choice. We have worked on the certification of dozens of titles, as a result we are familiar with all the nuances and our knowledge is constantly updated due to ever-changing requirements. We are well aware of how important it is for a product to pass certification as soon as possible, due to bookings that can delay a game's release for many months. We will make sure that the process runs smoothly.

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