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Manual tests

We provide comprehensive manual testing services covering mechanics, functionalities, game balance, overall gameplay design, and alignment with your documentation. Following the resolution of each issue, we conduct thorough retests and regression testing based on predefined milestones. 


Tests automation

We leverage automation at various stages of the QA process to enhance efficiency, particularly in tasks where machines outperform humans, such as repetitive tasks and image analysis. Our testing approach includes both approaches - blackbox, covering repetitive or time-intensive game elements, and whitebox, involving code analysis, unit tests, API utilization, and performance testing.

Game Pad


Our game analytics systems go beyond monetization, providing insights into game quality, balance, map engagement, and potential player drop-off points. We continuously collect statistics to guide your team in refining specific areas. Even after our collaboration concludes, our solutions remain accessible for your ongoing benefit.


game balance

Utilizing our exclusive analytical tools, we're ready to assist your designers by providing data-backed advice on implementing game balance. Emphasizing that gameplay quality relies not only on code but also on design choices, we emphasize the importance of factual insights. Rest assured, numbers don't lie, and we can effortlessly extract and present them to your team from the game.

PC Gaming


We provide pre-certification testing to evaluate your game's compliance with platform requirements. With extensive experience certifying dozens of titles, we stay updated on evolving standards. Recognizing the crucial importance of swift certification, we ensure a smooth process to prevent delays in your game's release.

Nintendo Switch
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